About me

Hello world!

If you’re on this page, that means that you like my posts and you want to know more about me, so thank you so much for your interest!

I’m a mum of two. I recently moved to a foreign country, I decided to not work in a “conventional” job, and now I’m testing myself in blogging…

I have a Ph.D. degree in computer science, and I’m specialized in e-learning. I worked as an IT engineer before becoming a professor for engineering students.

My life was plenty of work, arduous work: you can imagine that in a period of my life, I was the mum of two babies, working in a full-time job and preparing in parallel my thesis. Just remembering this period now…what can I say? How can a person find all that energy and motivation to accomplish her goals? Humans are capable of miracles if they really fight for their dreams.

Let me talk about the philosophy of the blog. When I decided to start blogging, I had to choose a topic. The problem is that I’m interested in many things 🙂 as a mum, I like trends in lifestyle, as a scientist, I’m passionate about IT and science topics. Finally, as a hyper-sensitive person, I need to understand myself and others. So, I decided to talk about all these topics and maybe more 🙂 . As a professor, I always imagine my posts like micro courses or summaries where I put only necessary information or the “core knowledge” you should have about a specific topic. Reading a post shouldn’t exceed 5 minutes, and it should be understandable for everyone. I still remember a math professor who was so happy when he was the only person in the class who understood exercises. I swear that if I’m a professor, I will do my best to make learning easier for my students and always encourage them to surpass me!

In the end, I hope for you a better life and don’t let people convince you that it is so hard to be a cultivated person. Together we will learn more and more about the fascinating world around us. I want to tell you that English is my third language; this is another challenge I have to overcome! So if you find some mistakes in my posts, please use this email to notify me: [email protected]