My resolution for 2022 is to move to slow fashion, what about you?

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I was watching the news when I was impressed and shocked by several photos of chile’s Atacama desert fashion garbage. What the hell is that! Mountains of used clothes standing in the sun and polluting this magnificent desert.           

We are unconscious about what cost to the planet our consumption habits. Atacama desert is not the only place where rich countries throw their fashion garbage. Unfortunately, Ghana faced the same problem and had to deal with mountains of worn clothes that pollute the air, soil, and water. Sales and special offers all the year worsen the problem as it pushes us to buy more and more stuff.

What is slow fashion

It’s time to change as our planet already shows signs of burnout. Yes, the earth is in a serious burnout and we need to stop flooding her with all our unnecessary requests. 

So I decided to start 2022 with a big resolution for me and my family: slow fashion and nothing else!

What is slow fashion

Maybe you hear the concept for the first time, so let me explain it simply and practically:

1. What is slow fashion?

In opposition to fast fashion, slow fashion is a movement that promotes the manufacture of clothing, with respect for the environment, workers, and animals. It is an alternative to fast fashion which aims to limit its clothing purchases to consume less but better. To achieve this goal, slow fashion:

  • Uses materials with low environmental impact
  • Manufactures the clothes while respecting social minima
  • Commits to reasoned production

2. How does slow fashion work?

Slow fashion is a less intensive production, in smaller quantities or pre-order, taking all the necessary time to develop a garment, using the most responsible materials. In short, slow fashion is favoring the quality of the garment over the quantity. Thus, the clothes are made of quality materials that last over time. 

What is slow fashion
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