What is minimalism ?

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Today we are talking about a very fashionable concept, namely minimalism. I know that minimalism evokes images that do not necessarily give you desire. We imagine living with only a pair of socks and pants, and it’s good. We also have pictures of people who have stopped washing and who eat only seeds. It was for the clichés part; in fact, other concepts are encapsulated under the word minimalism. Minimalism can designate an individual or collective action. It’s even found in certain political speeches. Minimalism is a way of life consisting of voluntarily reducing consumption and its impacts to refocusing one’s life on more essential values, ​​such as family, community, or even ecology. Contrary to what one might think, it is not a new concept or an idea specific to a given region. It is found throughout the history of humanity and in all areas of the world.

Minimalism can have ethical, economic, and ecological consequences:

  • By becoming minimalist, you will differentiate what we will call real wealth from purely material wealth. We will seek to promote wealth that will allow us personal fulfillment or quite simply to be happy.
  • The more we want to consume, the more we will have to work to finance our desires. Working more will be a source of unhappiness, which we will try to fill with material pleasures. There is a kind of vicious circle that takes place and that the minimalists seek to break.
  • Finally, ecological reasons are based on the fact that the more we want to consume, the more we will ask for resources from our planet. As you know, our planet’s resources are running out at an alarming speed.

In a few words…

Becoming minimalist, in reality, is to question your way of consuming. It’s not about throwing everything away; it’s about telling yourself from now that you would be aware of what you are consuming. The next time you want to buy a trendy shirt, bag, or mobile phone, ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Wait a few days before deciding on your purchase. Because, in reality, a lot of our purchases are compulsive, this type of purchase should be avoided as much as possible!
You will have more space in your house by reducing your expenses, and you would also save time spent on cleaning and other chores. Just remember that less is more; having few objects in your possession would give you more freedom and happiness.