My resolution for 2022 is to move to slow fashion, what about you?

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3. Why slow fashion is more expensive?

One of the arguments that keeps coming up when talking about slow fashion is its higher price in comparison with fast fashion. However, if you add up the price of all the fast fashion clothes that you have bought in your life, that you got rid of because they were no longer in good condition or because you never wore them, we arrive quickly at astronomical sums that have been spent. 

What is slow fashion

The low prices of fast fashion are therefore a fake bargain. While fast fashion considers that a garment can be washed 10 times before getting damaged, slow fashion is betting on using materials that are stable over time to extend the life of the garments.

The price of ethical fashion clothing is explained by fair remuneration for the people who make the clothing, good production conditions based on real know-how, and the choice of good quality materials. All of this necessarily comes at a cost! Thus, the price of slow fashion clothing is like an investment: the difference is made over time! Slow fashion brands also make sales, so we can wait until this period to do our shopping.

What is slow fashion

4. How can I start it?

Throw all your clothes away and start your wardrobe from scratch! (by the way, you can send me your clothes !) I’m joking!! As I suggested in my article about minimalism, the questions to ask when we consume is: « Does buying this garment would make me happy? If so, why? ».

By honestly answering these questions, you will see that consuming in an eco-responsible way means measuring the things that are behind our way of consuming. Behind the consumption of each of us, there are sometimes unconscious personal issues, but there is also an ecological and social impact. Thus, by consuming following our values ​​and our commitments, we come much more easily to flourish through our consumption. Moderate consumption means that each purchase is the result of a real will and/or a real necessity.

One of the fundamental principles of slow fashion and eco-responsible dressing is not to buy clothes excessively, and to slow down our consumption by favoring quality clothes or second-hand clothes! For special occasions, renting can also be a good idea.

If we want to buy new, then we turn to slow fashion, with its brands that offer ecological clothing, respectful of human beings and the planet. So we favor a minimalist wardrobe, with basic or timeless pieces, and we only buy what we really want (and need), and that may be the real revolution.

Finally, it is necessary to address the notion of sustainable maintenance of the clothes. Because buying slow fashion clothes is not enough to keep them for a long time. The way we take care of them is also essential:

  • Washing at 30°, 
  • Spin-drying less than 1200 rpm to avoid twisting the knit, 
  • Filling the machine « moderately » to avoid friction, 
  • Finally, no dryer as much as possible because it damages clothes in the long term use.
What is slow fashion

I hope that you learn something new with this article and you start reconsidering your consumption habits! See you in my next article 

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