What is bipolar disorder ?

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A bipolar disorder, also called bipolar or manic depression, is a mental disorder that can significantly disrupt the daily life of the person but also that of his relatives. To begin with, know that people who suffer from bipolarity are affected by successive periods of depression and euphoria. During phases of euphoria, all is well for the person, and she swims in total happiness. While during phases of depression, it’s quite the opposite: she falls into a real depression that can be very severe. You should know that these phases of depression and euphoria can vary in duration and intensity. These episodes of depression and euphoria are alternated by phases in which the person has a completely normal mental state. 

bipolar disorder

Symptoms of bipolar disorder

It is very important to know the symptoms of bipolarity to help and treat the person as quickly and efficiently as possible. You should know that during the euphoria phase, the person is in total happiness; she is super excited, hyperactive, and even aggressive. She has excessive self-confidence; she does what she wants without worrying about the consequences. This is called lifting inhibitions. During this phase, the person is irritable. She does not accept criticism. She may also be prone to sleep problems and forget to eat. This euphoria is usually followed by a phase of depression.

The person is affected by real depression. During the depression, the person will have a significant sadness; she wants to do nothing, she may have trouble sleeping and eating. The person may also feel terrible and have suicidal thoughts, so you have to be very vigilant and supervise her as much as possible. Know that the depression phase is usually longer than the euphoria phase. The more intense the euphoria is, the more the depression phase will be severe. 

People who suffer from bipolarity can sometimes be affected by different types of delusions and hallucinations. It even happens that they are saying completely false and inconsistent.


It is interesting to know that the causes of this disease can be genetics but also linked to the person’s environment. Bipolarity can affect people who have had infections in their nervous system, head trauma, too much stress, or overwork. It can also appear in people who consume a lot of alcohol or different types of drugs. 

The first episodes of manic depression may appear due to various factors. You should know that the episodes following may be repeated without necessarily a prior cause. They can happen anytime.


Treatment of bipolarity occurs by taking different types of drugs and followed by psychotherapy for the patient and his entourage to control and limit the complications that can cause these different disturbances. To increase the treatment’s effectiveness, patients are advised to sleep well, avoid stress and overwork, have a regular and adapted physical activity, and a balanced food diet to limit the weight gain that can be caused by certain types of treatments. Of course, it is also advisable to reduce and then stop consuming alcohol and various drugs. It is also very important to avoid dehydration when taking this treatment, so you will need to drink plenty of water and limit diuretic foods and drinks such as tea or coffee. 

More healthy food and exercise and less stress

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