In the way of understanding sociopath and psychopath personalities

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ASPD and violence

When we think of psychopaths and sociopaths, our first thought is not the brilliant doctor or the well-paid lawyer; they are the serial killers of the world. The most common misconception about sociopaths and psychopaths is that they are necessarily violent. Many people who are described as sociopaths or psychopaths never hurt others or act violently. Nevertheless, some of the most violent people in history were sociopaths or psychopaths.

Treatment and results

Treatment of ASPD is complex but valuable. People with ASPD may tend to illegal or risky behaviours, but many do not choose this way and have successful lives.

As with many other mental health problems, ASPD is often accompanied by other disorders, such as depression and substance abuse. Drug treatments are prescribed only if the co-occurring disorders are severe.

Although there is not yet a standard treatment for people with ASPD, studies seem to indicate that psychotherapy and, in particular, cognitive and behavioural therapies (CBT) can give encouraging results, especially in terms of concerns about criminal recidivism.

Last advice

  • If you know someone who may have ASPD, remember that he may not know it. Either way, it’s essential to show your support if you’re a part of his life.
  • Since people with ASPD are often subject to manipulation, you and them should set boundaries in your relationship to protect both of you from toxicity.
  • If you really care about someone with ASPD, encourage him to get medical help.
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Don’t hesitate to ask for help

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