What is the Marie Kondo or KonMari method?

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When I started the KonMari method, the hardest part for me was separating myself from objects that have sentimental value: jeans that I have worn for years, my children’s clothes, etc. But, when I saw that the clothes I gave had another life and made other children happy, I changed my mind, and now I’m more willing to give. Otherwise, I have a big box where I keep some of my children’s clothes that are too valuable to me to give or sell. I advise you to do the same 🙂 tell yourself that you are not going to go beyond this box and put everything important to you in it.

marie kondo minimalism

I share with you two tips that I do personally. I always have a bag reserved for the clothes to give away. When I fold the
laundry, I look for clothes that are too small or in poor condition. If it’s in poor condition, I put it straight in the trash. Otherwise, I put it in the donation bag.

Another tip is that I filter the papers once a week. We accumulate too many papers at home, and if we class them as the same frequency as books or clothes, we will quickly be swallowed up by bills, children’s drawings, post-it notes, etc., so I go around the papers once a week, and I am quiet.

marie kondo minimalism

I hope I have motivated you for the method. If you want to adopt it, I suggest you to start by watching the « folding
tutorials » playlist on the « Marie Kondo » youtube channel:

Last word, the most important thing to have a tidy house is not to invest in expensive accessories, but to change our
mindset and review our consumption habits. See you in my next post!

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